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The Wishing Tree

I am a child.
I have a mother and a father.
We cannot be together,
I am told.

Life is hard.
I have bandages on my heart.
I was taken from the life I knew:
My school, my friends, and family.

I have been told
it was for my own good.
That I would be kept safe
Until my family could take me home.

I have wishes.
I wish for a family to love me.
I wish for my family to find me.
But these are wishes not easily granted.

I hold wishes
in my heart that I can’t make come true.
And, neither can you,
But I have other wishes, too.

So, maybe, today
You will pick my heart
Filled with wishes
Ones that will make me smile.

My wishes are simple;
It may be for shoes or a doll
Or a bat and a ball
And they may seem small to you.

Take my heart
There I have written a wish
Even if my wish seems silly to you
It is mine and I know it will make me smile.

And, I will know in my heart . . .
There was someone who took my heart
to give me a smile.
A stranger who made just one small wish come true.

The Wishing Tree will not change the world, but it will make children smile.

And, isn't the world a better place when children smile?

Thank you for visiting our Wishing Tree, today.


If you are a child living in foster care or living with relatives;
If you are a worker helping a child through their journey;
If you are a foster or kinship caregiver giving a child a home;
Or a teacher,
Or a church member,
Or a coach,
Or anyone who knows of a child who can’t go home. . .
Tell us a wish that will bring a smile
Tell us a wish that others can make come true.


If you want to bring a smile to a child. . .
Just tell us your name and email address.
When a wish from the heart is shared with us
We will share that wish with you.
You can tell us which wishes you will grant.
Which child will smile because of you.
Become the branches of the Wishing Tree
Holding the hearts of children
And making their wishes come true.
Together, we can bring small moments of happiness
And, a child will know someone out there is holding them in their heart.


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